Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Time in Palestine: A Talk by Khalil Chris Chaney

Salam (Peace) Everyone!!

YMP has a very special evening in store for you on the 11th with a very special individual indeed, brother Khalil Chris Chaney!

Brother Khalil is an American-born convert to Islam who stayed in Palestine for the past 3 years. Initially going there to do a thesis for his Masters, he then completely fell in love with the people and the place that is Palestine. He has made several mini-documentaries on what the people in Palestine go through in their daily lives; the struggles, the conflicts, the everyday life. He has been working with the youth in hostile and conflict-filled environment for the past 25 years of his life before he went to Palestine and worked with the youth there. He is now married to a Malaysian lady and plans to settle down here. He has been offered a job in the education line, helping Malaysian teachers teach English.

Relive his experiences and observations of a refugee camp in West Bank through two short films that he made, and learn what ultimately led him to Palestine.

This event will be held at*:
Surau Dagang Avenue,
Jalan Dagang 4,
Taman Dagang Avenue,
Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

7:20 Solat Maghrib
7:45 Introduction
7:50 Talk by Bro Khalil
8:20 Video Clips
8:50 Q&A
9:05 Isha' & light refreshments

See you there!!!

* This is the official address. However there may be a bit of confusion in terms street names as the authorities have changed it. Basically, its between Ampang Jaya Police Headquaters and Tiara Duta Condo (very close to the condo, on the main road itself)



kamal sabran said...

awesome blog!

young muslim project is cool!

InkFlow said...

Nak promote WIEF (world islamic economic forum)
Siapa2 yg nak pergi boleh reg sini. TQ

Young Muslims Project said...

Salam all,

Due to some last minute personal commitment issues, brother Khalil is forced to pull out of tonight's talk in Ampang. Both YMP and brother Khalil regret on not being able to share his story.

However, we are still proceeding with the talk, with a change of speakers and topic. We have invited three VERY interesting individuals from different parts of the world who came to learn about Islam in their own ways, and have decided to embrace it. Learn about their touching stories, the struggles they went through, how people view Muslims as a community, and what ultimately led them to Islam. Something you definitely do not wanna miss!

The time and venue is still the same, Surau Dagang Avenue, after Maghrib. We hope to see you there inshaAllah.

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