Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 New Year Message From YMP

Assalamualaikum everyone,

We pray everyone is in good health and Iman. Its 2012, hopefully won't be the end of the world. All is in the Hands of Allah. But what is in our hands is the opportunity to do more awesome good for this year.

Alhamdulillah, 2011 has been a wonderful year for YMP. All the five departments under the YMP Management have done well.

The Intellectual Discourse (ID) team had some really amazing lectures courtesy of our growing relationship with Mercy Mission Alhamdulillah. We are not sure on the total accurate turn out of our lectures, but we estimate it could be in the thousands for 2011 alone. We are also grateful for the opportunity to introduce Imam Suhaib Webb to the Malaysian public. He's now quite a celebrity in his own right with regular TV and radio shows. MashaAllah.

2011 has also seen fantastic development of our Community Service Initiative (CSI) team’s activities - soup kitchen has been very consistent. Kudos to all the dedicated team members. Aunty Munira (PERTIWI) and gang work tirelessly, sincerely, and unpretentiously fighting to give out food to the needy. 

Same consistency goes out to the members of TKEP. They've built quite a name for themselves, forming a friendship with the Liverpool FC (they're still in contact with each other). TKEP is now developing a program to encourage college students to create TKEP-esque societies and 'adopt' other children welfare homes. 

This year has also seen ABBA forging ahead against all odds to educate the youngsters against baby dumping while extending the reach of existing welfare agencies namely Orphan Care and Talian Nur. Setting up a booth in the big National Youth Day '11 has to be the highlight for the members.

The small but very relevant Open Circles team pulled off a successful Ramadhan-long event. They're keeping it real for a lot of the young members and should definitely be more active this year. Their crucial role cannot be emphasized more.

It's been a bit quiet for the Fun Activities team, but InshaAllah with more support and encouragement, they'll come out bigger and better for this new year inshaAllah.

The Communications and Publications team have been able to accommodate the posters for every event, revived this blog with continuous updates which includes the updates on events, guest writers, Faith Fridays, Editor’s posts etc. They even created a new Facebook page to accommodate the ever growing virtual friends of YMP and are now in the midst of getting the blog makeover of the YMP website.

Being in YMP over these years, we cannot express enough how happy we are to see how YMP has developed. Every year, we see new faces, we feel new energy flowing through the group, pushing us forward. We also have the members who have stayed on over the years keeping it steady. 

To the Core Members,

Let's take a moment and reflect back on how far we've gone. Think hard on our success, but more importantly on our mistakes. Let's take the steps to correct our wrongs with Allah, with each other, to the public and to ourselves. Then, we need to consolidate and plan to move forward, better and more effective. InshaAllah.

We pray that we continue to be relevant and useful to the cause. May Allah bless us and accepts all our deeds.

Happy New Year to all!

Young Muslims Project
January 2012



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