Monday, March 5, 2012

The Obedient Husbands Club - Open Circle- 11.3.2012- 2pm- 40, Lorong 16/6C, Seksyen 16 PJ

YMP is proud to present "The Obedient Husbands Club"!
Obedience to Allah that is J
Come and join us and learn from Sh. Yawar Baig as he elaborates the perimeter and scope of this club. Find out the clubs eligibility and club rules. See if u fit or learn what to look for as we discuss this important role in society. Insha Allah we would be touching on the roles and responsibilities of husband and wife, the correct attitude facing the struggles life as a married couple, the correct understanding in a marriage. If the last event was about being single and finding the “right” other half, this session is about dealing with that “right” other half.
Who should attend: This is an open event. Men and women are invited. Anybody and everybody who's interested! Come as you are!
Don't miss it!
ps: Insha Allah we would be having some pot luck tea after the session. After some knowledge sharing session, who can say no to some food sharing session right?
Want to know more about it?
Come and join us...



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