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The L.E.P.A.K. Initiative- With Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim- 6-8th July 2012- Janda Baik

The L.E.P.A.K Initiative

The L.E.P.A.K Initiative is a weekend youth camp organized by the Young Muslims Project and the Muslim Professional Forum. The targeted individuals for this camp are Muslim youths from the urban area of Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, Petaling Jaya and etc. 

The word L.E.P.A.K is a Malaysian lingo for the word Chill and is more than often used for something that is slightly more relaxed, informal, and a good time. The L.E.P.A.K Initiative aims to incorporate Leadership, Encouragement, Power, Adab, and Knowledge (L.E.P.A.K) into the word Lepak over the course of the weekend.

Each day of the camp different values from the word L.E.P.A.K would be addressed along with a topic to help direct the lecture/discussion. We will also be having open dialogues, a BBQ and fun in the outdoors.

Day 1: Knowledge

Day one we will begin with the theme of Knowledge since the basis of any faith should be knowledge and not just blindly believing. The first Surah that was sent is Al-Iqra and that revelation itself should be enough to emphasize on how important knowledge is.

a) Knowledge
Topic: What’s the Big Idea?

In more often than once we find ourselves looking around us with the things happening and we look up asking ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ We tend to use all sorts of logic based on the very little knowledge we have to make sense of things without realizing Allah’s knowledge is so vast than we can possibly imagine or understand. Although we may not be able to fully understand the extent of Allah’s knowledge but we may gather enough knowledge in the Dunya to create an understanding to accept the fact that there’s more than meets the eye.

Day 2: Adab and Power

b)    Adab
Topic: Young Padawan

The Prophet S.A.W during his time had a lot of companions who were very young and some of them were children when they followed in his foot steps. It is good for the young generation today to take examples from the youths that had followed the foot steps of the Prophet.

Some of them became Imam of prayers, community leaders and commanded armies at such a young age and how can we emulate these achievements. The camp participants would perhaps appreciate it if they can see that the young people during the Prophet’s time had issues just as big or maybe even bigger issues than the one’s they face on a daily basis in our times today.

However their attitude in dealing with the issues at hand was what lead them to becoming the awesome Young Padawan’s during the Prophet’s time. A revival of such attitude in today’s youth is much needed.

c)    Power:
Topic: Axis of Power

The main idea of this discussion of this theme is to discuss the power of Iman or faith and how it goes a long way in our lives. As cliché as it may sounds but once a person gains faith they can do wonders with it. However there’s always the question of does one obtain Iman and once that is done what would be the best way to maintain it.

It would be best to make this part of the program a sharing session among the camp participants to share their story of how their Iman with Allah has helped them with the little things in life. This could give the participants that realization that Allah is with us at every step of the way. Good or bad and that all we have to do is turn to him for guidance and help in all our daily affairs.

Day 3: Encouragement and Leadership
d)    Encouragement:
Topic: New Hope

When the Prophet S.A.W first started spreading the word of Islam and the Quran he started with words of encouragement. He gained the trust of the people and it was only later talks of things that are Haram and Halal came about. At this point his followers were already fired up by the encouragement to believe in Allah and to lead live to it’s full by doing good they did not struggle as much as people would expect them to keep the Halal close and Haram far.

The youth today, especially those who grew up in urban areas are in urgent need of this form of encouragement to live their lives. The Prophet did more than just bring a few rulings here and there to the people but he brought a New Hope for the people to lead better lives and to become better people. With everything that’s happening around us a sense of hope would always be good to keep around and whether you’re young or old that is very crucial to have in life.

e)    Leadership
Topic: Every Team Needs a Captain

The youths during the Prophet’s time was the driving force of the Ummah as they took charge over their roles and responsibilities within the community. All of them were leaders in their own rights. Even those who was not necessarily a team leader they were leaders of their own lives at least and they played their roles well no matter how small or big it was they would always give out their best.

Today we need to reinforce the youth that they should take ownership of their duties over their lives, family, and the community around them. It is a privilege to be serving Allah at such a young age and although the youth may constantly struggle to strive in doing their best to serve Allah and those around them it is a struggle they should never give up. 

End of camp.


What are you waiting for?

Email or call Sister Jenna at +6012 318 7227 for the application form and get yourself, your family and friends registered now!

P/S: The Camp can only accomodate around 60-70 pax comfortably and seats are being taken up as you read this. So please hurry up with your registration so that you can be part of the L.E.P.A.K. Initiative.

You can also visit us at facebook at:

The L.E.P.A.K. Initiative
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