Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadhan Series 2013: Open Circle #2

Ever since we were we born, most of us are being taught to score hundreds of A's, get into a good college, get a good job, good pay, get married, have a comfortable lifestyle and live "happily ever after". In a sense all that we are doing is for the duniya. We often think that tomorrow will come as if God owes us another day, but what if this was our last Ramadhan?

What would happen to our relationship with the Duniya?
We have been living in this duniya, striving for it for all our lives. Are we just going to let it go?
Are we ready to let it go? Should we?
Can't we just hold on to it and bring it with us to the hereafter?
What does Islam teach us about the Duniya?

InshaAllah these are among some of the questions that we will discuss in 2nd Episode of The Ramadan Series by Young Muslims Project. Come and join us this Sunday!

About the speaker:
Sh. Shareef El-Arbi

Sh. Shareef is of Libyan-American descent. He lived most of his life in the United States of America. He has a bachelors in Business Administration from the U.S. and an MBA from Australia. He works as a project manager for an IT company. He has been blessed to be active with the Muslim youth from a young age. He studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. He is a prominent Da'ie amongst the English speaking Malaysian Da'wah circuit.



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