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Quran Stories: Prophet Yusuf (AS)

Qur’an Stories and Lessons for Every Muslim Youth

The Story of Prophet Yusuf (as)

We all love stories with a happy ending, just as the story of Prophet Yusuf (as) ended in the Qur’an [Surah Yusuf: Chapter 12].
"Verily, in Yusuf (Joseph) and his brethren, there were Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) for those who ask".[Quran,12:7]
His life journey as detailed was anything but happy from the beginning. His childhood and youth were characterised by tests of various levels and not without physical and emotional pain. It was also filled with conspiracy, accusation, jealousy, imprisonment, family tension, and separation, slavery, and more.
It was strong faith, reliance on Allah (swt), supplication, good character, and patience that pulled him through. Yusuf (as) developed the skills needed to survive the greatest of trials— separation from his loved ones— yet he emerged an exemplary leader and a success by all standards. All of these are narrated vividly in the Qur’an so that we may reflect and take lessons.

Lessons from the Story of Yusuf (as)

Have patience during trialsYusuf (as) was tried with an intense sibling rivalry, temptation from a lady in high position, and authority among, other tough challenges. He remained patient through all of it. Allah (swt) rewarded him with worldly success and strong faith, and united him with his loved ones after many years of separation.
Forgive those who wrong youYusuf (as) was separated from his loved ones purely because of bad feelings from envy, and this led him into slavery and eventually falling into trouble with the authorities. He forgave all those who wronged him and even gave his help and support to them in their time of great need.
Be of good character and a great example: His noble character and principles were firmly grounded in his belief in Allah (swt) and this shone through from his inner being to the outside. This earned Yusuf (as) a noble position in the society as well as respect and admiration by all who met him. He became a noble leader and a great example to those around him, including his jealous and oppressive brothers.
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