Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prioritizing Islam in your Organization: Presented by Bro. Kuranda Seyit


Prioritizing Islam in your Organization

Come join us to benefit and learn how to apply it to your organisation or workplace!

YMP is proud to host brother Kuranda Seyit from Sydney, Australia, Director of

Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (

FAIR). Learn about:

· Sustainability In Organizational Development

· Moving towards a more sustainable organization

· Consolidating your organizational success and your networks

Being the Director of FAIR gives brother Kuranda a vast experience in developing a sustainable organization. How do we prioritize our goals? Capitalize on our networks and resources?

Come and join us to learn and discuss on the management aspect of Da’wah; something often overlooked, but extremely important.

This is highly recommended for those in Da’wah groups, social clubs, private individuals and also those with businesses. There will be opportunities to synergize and work together for the advancement of the Ummah, InshaAllah.

Also, having studied Muslim youth identity in Australia,


Kuranda will be joined by some Australian youth in discussing and exploring the challenges facing the Muslim youth today, with a special viewing of a short film entitled "Always a Visitor" (Written and Directed by Kuranda Seyit). This is a FREE event you don't want to miss!

When? Saturday, 19 June 2010, 4 PM

Where? 15, Jalan Tunku, Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur (GoogleMap)*

Contact: Din 012 297 9855

* For those requiring transport to the venue, we are offering a free transport service from the KL Sentral train station at 3.15 PM. For more info on the transport service, please contact brother Ashaari at 012 904 8586.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creativity and Islam with Ustadh Riaz Ansary

Are we allowed to use our own mind in Islam, to interpret and practice the religion? How flexible or rigid is Islam? Are we taught to only follow orders? Is asking too many questions discouraged in Islam?

All of these, and more, questions will be answered in this free and open discussion about Islam with Ustadh Riaz Ansary from the US. ALL are invited!

Ustadh Riaz Ansary is an Associate Researcher at the International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) and is also currently pursuing his PhD at ISTAC. Came to Islam at the age of 22, he had since traveled the world giving lectures and translating various into English.

Come and join us for a traditional YMP discussion about Islam this Sunday, 6th June 2010 at 3-14-5 The Residence Condo, Jalan Wan Kadir 5, TTDI (GoogleMaps).

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