Monday, November 28, 2011

The Beauty of Jannah by Dr Reda Bedeir

Jannah! Waterfalls! Rivers of milk and Honey! Palaces of Gold! The possibility of seeing the Face of Allah!

Ever wondered what lies on the other side if we've been good in this world! What our reward from Allah, the most Merciful will be inshAllah! Are the 72 virgins a myth or a reality? Ever though about a Return on Investment for your good deeds! Find out the everlasting return in our talk by Dr Reda Bedeir, visiting from freezing Canada. Dr Reda is a personal development Life Coach, Marriage Officer and a Community Counselor!

More about Dr Reda here.

**Please note the venue is only tentative. We will notify you should it change.**

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reflections on last weekend’s Open Circle event with Wardina Safiyyah

By Jane

Last Sunday YMP hosted a sisters-only Open Circle entitled "Falling in Love Again with Islam". Here are some (brilliant brilliant) thoughts by someone who attended.

Life seemed surreal last Sunday. Like many at the event, I hadn’t even contemplated the existence of such a welcoming and intellectual group of sisters gathering for the purpose of self betterment. It was lovely and I, for one, was deeply touched by everything—from Kak Wardina’s advice and insights all the way to the chocolate chip cookies that probably loaded me with oxytocin, since I was especially excited to meet and mingle with every single person—which isn’t typical of this introverted self .

There seemed to be two recurring themes in that day’s discussion, one of which was hardships—getting through them. There wasn’t a person in the room that I didn’t seem to admire, especially among those who joined the discussion. I admire the sisters who are struggling to don the hijab and keep it on. I admire the sisters who are struggling to make it in male dominated professions and environments. I admire the sisters who are struggling to do anything because they have established that it would please Allah swt. I admire anyone who is struggling for (cliché alert) the sake of Allah. We should all admire these people.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YMP Paintball!!!

Salam All,
Please join us to shoot each other just for fun! :)
Bring your friends, neighbour, colleagues and acquaintances!
Call the number below to confirm your attendance. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Falling In Love Again - [A Sister's Only Event]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Understanding Qur’an As An Instrument Of Guidance Than An Instrument Of Swearing

Salam everyone,
This is another article written by Hijab al Faisal. She is working at as a Web Content Writer teaching Quran to students living in the USA, Canada,and the UK. According to Hijab, Quran Reading is the largest Online Quran Academy, where they have taught more than 5000 kids and parents to Read Quran online with Tajweed. 
Masha Allah!
Please visit their website for more details. :)

(Note: YMP is not in anyway related to any of our the guest author's organization. We only publish the articles submitted to us once it has been approved by our Co-Editors. If you are interested to write on our blog, please submit your draft to and

The Holy Quran, the final word of Allah, still preserved in its original condition, without traces of a mistake, not even a full stop, serves to be the absolute guidance, not only for Muslims, but for any human being who desires to escape the darkness of negligence and illiteracy

Yunus [10:57].  O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (i.e. the Qur'an, enjoining all that is good and forbidding all that is evil), and a healing for that (disease of ignorance, doubt, hypocrisy and differences,) Which is in your breasts, - a guidance and a mercy (explaining lawful and unlawful things) for the believers.

This verse not only confirms the fact that Qur’an is the best piece of advice Allah the Almighty ever awarded to human beings, but also points to the fact that Quran does not serve any particular group of people, but instead serves all of the humanity. The usage of the “O mankind” makes this fact very much clear.

Swearing – A Not So Good Societal Norm
A study of history reveals the fact that in every society, there seems to surge some not-so-good societal norms, which pose more harm than good. Swearing is one of them. It is considered to be an oath, mostly in the form of a factual statement or as a promise, usually calling upon an authority much higher in status than the parties involved (usually God), in order to bear witness in favour of the oath maker. In other words, swearing in its usual form, is considered as taking an oath or making a solemn vow.

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