Monday, July 18, 2011

Because You're Worth It - The Real Issues: with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

***Please note this is a LADIES ONLY event.***

If you ask the question "What is a woman's purpose in life?" what do you think the answer would be? A mother? A wife? A housewife? Wrong! A woman's purpose in life, is just like a man's purpose in life - that is to worship Allah.

Our times are difficult and being a girl is hard. We are expected to manage the home, take care of the kids and work to help contribute to the family's finances. How do we juggle our roles and be true to our faith? While the answer is by no means easy it does start with a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of women in Islam, because that sets the standard by which everything we do can be compared to.

In this special ladies only event Sheikh Yahya will remind ourselves that women have a great role to play in society and will answer YOUR questions about the issues you face as a Muslim woman. Don't miss this opportunity to discuss what matters most to women.

Sheikh Yahya training in classical Islamic knowledge started while he was in his teens. He grew up translating into English the speeches of various Arabic-speaking Islamic scholars who were visiting his native Canada. At the age of 17 he was already lecturing at mosques in Toronto. He has traveled extensively to meet and study with scholars of classical Islamic knowledge, and has spoken extensively on women in Islam. Now Sheikh Yahya lives in Perth, with his wife and two children.

Map to the venue


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