About Us

YMP is an English based group of urban Muslim youth coming together in the interest of Islam.

With its main objective to connect young Muslims based around Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, YMP organises youth oriented sessions once a fortnight open to all of its members and interested individuals. Each session revolves around Islam with creed (tawheed) as our conduit to achieve His blessings. These exciting sessions range from diversified intellectual discourses and open sharing circles that hope to bring us closer to God (Insha Allah); fun filled recreational activities and tummy filling food festivals that never fails to bring us closer to each other, as well as social welfare activities in reaching those in dire need to bring us closer to everyone. All these activities are planned with much hope of helping each other learn and understand about the teachings of Islam and its relevance in our life.

In recognizing the diversified background of each member, YMP has a strong policy of not being judgmental to anyone and sincerely open to accept as well as to embrace anyone who is interested to bridge a link with Islam.

The Islamic bond that it creates within its members has been growing from the time YMP was first established. With an average of about 20 pax per session, YMP’s more than 4000 virtual members suggest the growing need for a social support group to cater for these youth to face the challenges of growing up in today’s conventional hip and cool environment.

The Shariah compliant brotherly and sisterly love and energy that it creates amongst its members have allowed YMP to achieve many amazing activities such as “We Are In This Together: Muslim Youth & The Future Youth Camp 2010”, “The Arts And Knowledge Tour 2009”, “Ramadhan specials” and the list goes on and on. Log on to our Facebook account to view our professionally crafted posters of all our activities, photos and future events.

YMP is open to the many views of the Muslim jurists as an inspiration for our members to delve in further with their own accredited Shariah scholar. As our members are not scholars of the Shariah, we try to stay away from scholarly opinions or fiqh matters. Rest assured that YMP is indeed capable in translating serious issues into the language of the modern youth. At the same time, considering that we are based in Malaysia, our events are carefully structured to be mindful and in respect of the diverse cultural background of all Malaysians in particular and other cultures around the world in general, the views of Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), other Malaysian religious authorities and also to be in line with the laws of Malaysia.

In mobilizing youths toward a better understanding of Islam as a way of life, YMP strives to be the leading platform to have their voice heard and inspire others to be better Muslims.

The Young Muslims Project is certainly the kind of project you would want to be part of in life!

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