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We all need some good links from time to time. Here we provide some of those links for Muslims of all levels; new, confused, questioning, profound, etc.

Discover 1000 years of missing history: Muslim Heritage

Beautiful Calligraphy & Islamic Design: CalligraphyQalamVisualDhikrIslamic Geometric DesignAerosol Arabic

For lighter stuff, more for beginners, Idris Tawfiq's, and offer good 
information on a range of topics.

For non-Muslims who are interested in Islam, we recommend and

For the more intermediate audience, offers good information for those who are seeking something a little more extra.

For comparative religion, we recommend the downloadable books by Dr. Zakir Naik and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in the Islamic Research Fund website. Some of Dr. Naik's videos are also downloadable at

For a heavier read, download articles from Harun Yahya and websites. offer a good range of information and articles for everyone, and has a more extensive list ofrecommended websites

Suhaib Webb is a young scholar (& former hiphop DJ) who is known for his rapport with youth.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, we recommend a visit to the Dakwah Corner Bookstore in PJ. They offer good and affordable English publications, DVDs, CDs, etc.


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