Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does Being Muslim Mean You're Set For Life???

Salam everyone,

MasyaAllah, we are having quite a busy start of the year and even more so in March. Khair InsyaAllah and may Allah swt give us all the strength to continue for His sake. Ameen.

For your information, Open Circle is planning to have a get together this Saturday, 5th March, at 2.30 pm. The title of the circle is "Does Being Muslim Mean You're Set For Life?"

"I'm Muslim".

'nuff said.

Regardless of how you became a Muslim, either through birth or choice, your life is set by the fact that you're Muslim and that's that.

Or is it? Does your life's journey begin and end with merely a title or does it go deeper than that?

Join us this SATURDAY and share your thoughts on this seemingly simple yet thought provoking topic.

Venue: Ampang, Kampung Warisan Clubhouse,

Kuala Lumpur

When: Saturday, 5th March 2011

Time: 2.30pm



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