Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Site Is Back In Action!!! *Woot*Woot*

Salam Everyone,

Welcome back to YMP’s official page.

Alhamdulillah, after being in hiatus for quite some time, this blog is finally back in action. Please, Please, Please! Keep us in your bookmark and subscribe to our posts.

For your information, we (Shazeea Banu and Syed Adam Alhabshi) have just been appointed as YMP’s Chief Editors so we would be the two individuals responsible for the content of this page.

Apart from publicizing our events here, we would also welcome you to email to us any write up regarding about yourself, Islam and other related and relevant matters. So in case if you do have any material that you want to publicize, by all means, please email to either or and we would be more than obliged to paste it here (only if the content is relevant though :P )

From time to time, we would be posting your posters and events, articles, ideas onto this trustworthy website.

Oh Oh! Before you do post, please bear in mind the following seven (7) etiquettes:

1. This blog is a place to share ideas, express grievances, seek and give council in general. Our religion is sincere advice.

2. Strive to display excellent manners. No cursing or vulgarities. Ask the question "If our Prophet (saw) were to see our emails, would he approve of it?"

3. Leave out ego. Our aim is to search for the truth and not to win arguments. Articulate your issues and not the individual.

4. Be courteous and respectful of each other. Particularly other readers.

5. We are all learning so no one will be penalised or condemn for making mistakes. YMP must be a safe outlet to make mistakes, learn and grow as individuals. :)

6. Say Bismillah before you send out your emails and alhamdulilah after you sent it out.

7. Finally keep your duas for each other.

Mind you that the list of etiquette above is certainly non-exhaustive.

Until we meet again…


The Chief Editors Of YMP



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