Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Night At Soup Kitchen

Most faces I've seen again and again,

Among of the many women and many men,

One of the recipients came up to me and shook my hand,

With tears in his eyes, looking shy as he stand,

Gripping my hand with his hand, that was rough like sand,

He then looked me into both my eyes,

He asked to talk to me for a while,

Then I ask him why, as I stand beguile,

His response makes all our efforts all worthwhile,

All that sweating and driving for many mile.

Said, he came to KL looking for a new lease of life,

Instead he was seduced into drugs and more strife,

Now he's heading back to Langkawi, as it is wise and time is rife,

He said he's leaving KL, leaving drugs, and for a simpler life.

I felt appreciated in such magnitude,

Because the tears were tears of gratitude,

He asked me to convey his thanks to all the volunteers who serve with fortitude,

For all the SMILES, the drinks and all the food,

He prays that may we be blessed with a lot of good.

I promised to convey his gratitude and I pray that all goes well,

I told him that may his return home, would end his dry spell,

I smiled back with tears of joy, shook his hand and bid him farewell.

I digress.

Dear volunteers I must express,

I hope you'll allow me to digress,

To extend the feeling I cannot suppress,

I simply must confess.

Some of our recipients have made mistakes and have transgressed,

It humbles me because I'm no better perhaps much less,

Hope to give them another chance and help them progress,

And I also would like to thank you for volunteering and may God bless,

Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to serve and feel happiness,

This is why we do what we do, and consider this a measure of success,

Together with PERTIWI we continue our deeds, for our here-after we invest.

Thank you...

Zuhri Yuhyi


(Head of Team, Community Service Initiative, Young Muslims Project)


[Editor's Note: If you are interested to join Soup Kitchen, please contact Brother Zuhri and he would be most pleased to ensure that your interest is not wasted. :) ]



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