Friday, July 8, 2011

Ramadhan: Life in the Fast Lane

Salam everyone!

The Race to Ramadhan continues with a special talk entitled "Ramadhan: Life in the Fast Lane". This is special talk indeed as we're hosting not one, but TWO excellent speakers: the heart warming Sheikh Mohammed Cheppih and the always enlightening Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury! UNMISSABLE!!!

Learn about how Muhammad (pbuh) performed his fasting, the fiqh of fasting and how to get the best from this Ramadhan!

Lets make this coming Ramadhan our best yet inshaAllah!

Tawfique Chowdhury is the founder and director general of AlKauthar Institute and Mercy Mission. Being a prolific speaker, Sheikh Tawfique has travelled internationally sharing his knowledge in many countries in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. He is well known for specialising in fiqh topics, particularly in Islamic finance, Personal law and medical Islamic ethics and his opinions in these matters are eagerly sought. He is also a well known media contributor on various TV Channels such as AlMajd, Peace TV, Islam Channel and ABC Asia Pacific.

More about Sheikh Tawfique.

Sheikh Mohammed Cheppih was born in Morocco & raised in the Netherlands where he spent his free time memorizing Quran and studying Islamic sciences. By the age of nine, he completed one third of the Quran, won many quran recitation awards and started leading Taraweeh prayer as an imam. At a young age he studied at Madeenah University in the faculty of dawah. He spent time in Kosovo during the conflict in the humanitarian field for the Saudi Joint Relief Committee. He then worked for the Muslim World League as head of the Dutch office. He is currently a manager who specializes in solving social issues where his role revolves around Islam, social cohesion, identity and social issues. He is also the Mercy Mission manager of communications.

More about Sheikh Mohammed Cheppih.

Our Facebook event page for Ramadhan: Life in the Fast Lane.

Charge you Iman for Ramadhan! More about the Race to Ramadhan Tour.

For more info, please contact Din at 012 297 9855 or youngmuslimsproject@gmail.​com.

See you there inshaAllah!!



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