Thursday, September 1, 2011

Faith Fridays - Parting Farewell Advice of Ramadan by Nouman Ali Khan [VIDEO]

Every Friday we hope to bring you a khutbah or short lecture in English that we feel may be of benefit to you. Think of it as a weekly khutbah from a different perspective. All you need to do is spend 30 minutes (or less) a week to learn something new.

If you have any suggestions on a video that we should share please send us an email via "Write for Us".

Ramadhan has left us and while we celebrate the victory of fasting and abstaining for a whole month there is a bittersweet feeling that lingers. The question "What next?" also plays a part because we all know that it shouldn't just stop after 29/30 days.

In this week's video Nouman Ali Khan looks back at the Qur'anic verses on Ramadhan and points out that this month is the training ground that is suppose to prepare us for the rest of our lives. He then links taqwa, Qur'anic guidance and the key to making du'a and having it being answered by Allah.

May Allah accept our deeds during Ramadhan, and forgive us for our laziness and things that we could have done better. Let this month be a springboard from which all our future actions will emanate from.



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