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The Rights Of A Spouse In Islam

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Islam considers marriage a sacred union of two beings.

In Islam, marriage is a gift of Allah to enable its servants to lead a happy and contented life. The basic purpose of getting married in Islam is to attain happiness and love in this world. However, for this relationship as well, Islam defines some rights, obligations and duties for Muslims.
The Prophet (PBUH) says,

“The best Muslim is the one who is best to his family.”

And the Prophet (PBUH) also says,

“… and the most blessed joy in life is a good, righteous wife.” (Reported by At-Tirmidhi)

For a husband, it is his duty to treat his wife well. All husbands are required to show kindness, honor and patience towards their wives. Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“…consort with them in kindness, for if you hate them it may happen that you hate a thing wherein Allah has placed much good.” (An-Nisa’: 19)

For a wife, it is essential to understand that men possess a degree over them. Allah says in the Quran,

“And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them. Allah is Mighty, Wise.” (Al-Baqaraqh: 228)

However, it is essential to note that men have higher obligations towards their wives. They are the trustees, guardians and protectors of their wives. Allah has made them in charge and has laid the duty to provide for the basic rights of women on men.

The Rights of the Wife

According to Islam, the wife has many rights over her husband. The Prophet (PBUH) has guided the men to show kindness towards women. it is also the duty of husbands to take the responsibility of the maintenance of his wife and his family. It is essential that men take on this duty happily, without condescendence. Allah says in the Quran,

“Let him who has abundance spend of his abundance, and he whose provision is measured, let him spend of that which Allah has given him. Allah asks naught of any soul save that which He has given it. Allah will vouchsafe, after hardship, ease. (At-Talaq: 7)

Maintenance of a wife typically includes providing her with lodging, clothing and food. Also, the man should make sure that the residence provides privacy and comfort to the wife. It is also the duty of the husband to respect the feelings of the wife and to not inflict harm, pain and suffering on her. Men also do not have the right to curb the freedom of their wives.

The Rights of the Husband

The basic obligation of the wife towards her husband is to facilitate the success of the relationship. This means that it is the duty of the wife to make sure that her husband is comfortable and happy with her. The wife should try not to hurt the feelings of her husband or offend him. The wife should also not cheat on her husband, must not grant the right of intimacy to anyone else or accept gifts without his approval.


All these rights can be easily studied through Quran education. Muslim men and women should both understand their rights and obligations as stated by Islam and Quran and follow them in order to have a successful relationship.



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