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Tips For Becoming More Active In Mosques

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For a Muslim society, the mosque serves as a founding stone. It is also a place where Muslims gather to offer prayers in congregation and meet other Muslim brothers to share problems and find solutions for each other. It serves as a center for knowledge, wisdom and remembrance of Allah. It also serves as a place from which Muslims raise their voices to acknowledge and prove their belief in the Oneness of Allah Almighty.

The Importance of Mosques in Islam

Although mosques are specifically made to worship Allah and read the Holy Quran, they also serve as a center point for gathering all Muslims and encouraging them to socialize. Praying in congregation with other Muslim brothers is therefore considered a social activity that enables Muslims to get to know their Muslim brothers.

It is for this reason that becoming active in mosques is important for all Muslims. They should not only use the mosque as a place to worship Allah, but should also use it as a center for education, training, learning and other activities. Some tips to become more active in the mosque are given below.

Tips for Becoming Active in the Mosque

If you are a Muslim and have the desire to be active in the mosque, you may be able to find numerous ways to play your part. It is the responsibility of Muslims to ensure that the mosque is not only treated as a place to worship Allah, but it is also used as the center for education, learning and discussions on various aspects.

1.   Be Socially Active:

     Muslim mosques are a center for all kinds of social activities. This is evident from the fact that the Prophet (PBUH) used Masjid-e-Nabwi not only for worshipping Allah, but also as a place for all kinds of Muslim activities. Deputations that came from other places were also received at Masjid-e-Nabwi. Therefore, Muslim mosques should be increasingly used as the hub for cultural, political and social activities. Therefore, it is your duty to be socially active in the mosque. You can do so by simply encouraging people to stay a little longer after the evening prayers and discuss matters. You may also use this opportunity to share any Islamic knowledge with your Muslim brothers during the gathering.
    Teach Quran:
     You may also use the mosque to teach Quranic teachings to Muslim children. Quran learning in the mosque will create the habit of visiting mosque regularly in young Muslims. After teaching the holy book to these children, you may also encourage them to participate in all kinds of work required by the mosque. This will imply the importance of mosques in the hearts of these individuals from a very young age.
     Donate Regularly: 
    Another important way to be active in the mosque is by donating regularly in the mosque. The mosque is the place where so many Muslims belonging to different backgrounds meet and worship Allah in congregation. Therefore, it is your duty to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the mosque. Therefore, donate for the mosque, even if it is a small amount. Additionally, donating to mosques also increases the love of Allah in the hearts of donors.
Moreover, when Muslims gather in mosques on a daily basis, they can identify the needy people and can therefore help them in their hour of need.

Keep the Mosque Clean:
      Since a mosque is the center for worshipping Allah, it is essential to keep it clean and tidy. If you want to gain rewards, you should help in the cleaning of the mosque. According to a narration, the Prophet (PBUH) persisted Muslims to pray on the grave of an individual who helped clean the mosque.

Additionally, it is also important that parents inculcate Quran teachings in the children. Parents may also register children to online Quran schools for that purpose.


Most of the times, people ignore such teachings of Islam. However, it is important that all Muslims understand the importance of Islam. Only then can they become active in the mosques. 



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