Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Talk About Gaza

Salam (Peace) all...

The attack on Gaza has made an impact on the world.

However, some still have mixed feelings about the Palestinian conflict. Should they care? Why? It doesn't affect them, so why should they bother? It's so far away anyways.. we have bigger problems at home. Solve those first before thinking about something on the other side of the world.


This is a simple 'open circle' for everyone to share their views on this, in support of or protesting or confused.

Because, after all that has happened the past few weeks, it's good we gather our thoughts and reflect. After 22 days of massacre, it only brings relief it doesn't go on any longer. But even as we "speak", the attacks have started again. 

How did the 'war' make you feel? How has it affected you? 

As Malaysians.


As Muslims.

As human beings.

No matter who you are, please come and share your views. It'll be a moderated open discussion. There'll be no speaker or lecture. We wanna hear from YOU!

*This is an open discussion, but please be reminded to be tactful and respectful. TQ! :)

Details are as follows:

When?  Sunday, 1st Feb 2009, 2 PM

Where? YMP Hangout; 43, Pinggir Zaaba, TTDI, KL

D/code? NONE! Come as u feel comfy. :)

Please RSVP to:

Cat (016-697 3097)

Hope to see u all on Sunday! :)


lud said...

salam....just want to ask permission to share link wif u....

Young Muslims Project said...


not a problem, Ibrahim.

Jazakhallah Khair

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