Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wow, what a year it has been so far! And it’s not even a full January yet.

We had the great opportunity to introduce ourselves in the BIGGEST YOUTH CONVENTION – YOUTH ’09. It was a wonderful experience for us. Despite having to compete with the ‘Battle of the Bands’ that was happening at the same time, we managed to draw a crowd. It was good to be able to reach out to others and show what we’re all about.

All of us met up early on that Sunday morning, nervous but excited at the same time. We had our marketing strategy ready; a ‘sandwich board’. It was hilarious! Whatever embarrassment we initially felt about giving out flyers to strangers was thrown out the door. I mean, what better way to overcome a small embarrassment than to have an even bigger embarrassment eh?

Lo and behold, it was a big hit! We got passerby’s to sign at the back of our Sandwich Board, in support of our theme ‘Unity for Humanity’. It was awesome!

“Hi there! We’re having a campaign, ‘Unity for Humanity’. Please support our cause. Sign at the back.”

We wanted to make our presence felt, and I think we really achieved that. Haha! Good job guys! Thank you, dear volunteers!

Community Hall, 2pm

Adam and Ashaari were our MC and Game Conductor.

Our 1st game was very simple. Everyone was given some simple questions. But there’s a catch. You need to approach a stranger to assist you.

“Find someone who plays a musical instrument”

“Find someone with a name beginning with a vowel.”

“Who’s a left hander?”

Simple, yet very profound. We were forced to come out of our comfort zone, and strike up a conversation with a stranger. How often do we do this? How often do we even smile at them?

Our 2nd game was quite tricky. But equally meaningful too.

We were given a scenario. We had to go up on stage, one by one, fix a pose, and create that picture. Everyone has to complement each other to make the scene work.

There’s a group squatting down, eating. Another group was playing basketball. 2 friends were chasing each other. And so on so forth. Yup! This is a “Waktu rehat” in school. It was a load of fun.

It’s very often we start out having preconceived ideas about something. But it takes a lot of patience, knowledge, understanding and compromise to create a harmonious ‘picture’. Everyone has to work together.

In today’s time, everyone build walls around ourselves, keeping everyone at ‘arms length’. Fear, cynicism, and doubt slowly creep into our lives creating a fragile community. Let us break down these walls and open our hearts. Learn, understand and be patient with one another. InsyaAllah, the world will be a better place.


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